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ECN Gathering

ECN Gathering

Once a year Carriers of Council meet and come together to share their stories, sit in Council together, take decisions for the community and to strengthen the spirit of Council in Europe. Every year the ECN Gathering takes place in another country. Below you find a list of our meetings in recent years.



12th ECN Gathering at the Ammersee in Germany
(30th Oct - 3rd Nov 2019) + pre and after workshops

>> view the Invitation Newsletter here

>> view Invitation pdf here

>> Register here for Workshops and Gathering

>> Info on "Spiraling Out", Nov 3th-4th

>> Info on after workshop: "Giving Earth a Voice", Nov 4th-6th, Wartaweil, Ammersee

11th ECN Gathering in Portugal, 2018
>> view the Invitation Newsletter here

10th ECN Gathering in Belgium, 2017
>> view the Invitation Newsletter here

9th ECN Gathering in Hungary, 2016

>> HERE you can view the invitation Newsletter

8th ECN Gathering in the Czech Republic, 2015

7th ECN Gathering in Italy, 2014

6th ECN Gathering in Greece, 2013

5th ECN Gathering in the Netherlands, 2012

4th ECN Gathering in Austria, 2011

3th ECN Gathering in Switzerland, 2010

2nd ECN Gathering in Germany, 2009

1st ECN Gathering in Austria, 2008


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