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European Council Network

Join us at the 12th ECN Gathering in Germany
(30th Oct - 3rd Nov 2019)


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The purpose of the Network is to support the practice and the growth of the Way of Council in Europe, it connects people all over Europe, Israel and the Middle East.

For that purpose the ECN:

  • Keeps a website as a hub for information and resources about Council and access to Council facilitators, trainers and events

  • Is responsible to ensure coherence in the practice and the culture of the Way of Council in Europe and develops and supports the trainers path and mentoring system.

  • Nurtures the Council Community by organizing Gatherings (once a year in a rolling circle across Europe) for people to connect and by collection and sharing Council stories and good practices. The next gathering will take place in the Hungary in November 2016.

For more information what might happen in your region, you can also visit the Council Community Platform: europeancouncilnetwork.ning.com

We are a foundation based in the Netherlands. Board members are Katrin Lüth, Gesa Heiten and Han Delissen. The board is part of the larger circle, all rights of decision are given to the larger circle, which meets at the yearly ECN Gathering.


European Council Network Foundation
Boekhorst 16
NL-8425ST Langedijke