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What is Council?





















Way of Council

Finding answers that are within the group already

'Council' is a non hierarchical and non violent form of
communication in groups, that puts 'listening' in the focus. 

In Council we listen without judgment, not to our story that wants to be told,
not judging the stories we hear.

Council is about creating a safe space where we can connect to our stories
and feel safe to share them. 

By sharing, we feel we are not alone, we feel heard, and we feel empowered.
It is a healing practice, a way of building a community.
A way of the heart. 


Council is a way to develop self esteem and self attentiveness of a person and the communication within groups Council offers teams, Institutions and groups of every kind a profound instrument to design processes, solve conflicts and crisis. It is a way to honor the achievements of these groups and individuals and is one of the most effective ways to create community.

Participants of a Council sit together in a circle and use a talking piece, which can be chosen by the group beforehand.
The use of this talking piece shows on one hand, who is talking. On the other hand it indicates who is listening, because only the one with the talking piece is suppose to talk.

The following guidelines are recommended and are no strict rules. If followed, they allow a group to reach a deeper level in their way of listening to each other:

• Speak from the heart
• Listen from the heart
• Be spontaneous
• Be lean and to the point

• Speak out, what serves you, the circle and the higher good
• Confidentiality: what has been said in the circle stays in the circle

There are a tremendous variety of Council forms, which each can support a situation in a group or with individuals- from a controversial point of dispute, up to a lifting of group wisdom. The Council Guides are trained to hear what form the circle need to be supported.
If you want to know more about Council please see our google map 'Where we are', where you can find a Council taking place near your home. If you want to learn more about Council you might want to refer to "Programs/Workshops".
The Practice of Council
The Quality of our Work
flows from the Quality of our Relationships.
The Quality of our Relationships
flows from the Quality of our Communication,
The Quality of our Communication
flows from the Integration of our Mind, Heart, Body, Spirit.

– Marlow Hotchkiss



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